Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

The summer's coming to an end, although, you couldn't tell with the 100+ heat we've been having in Austin lately, and school is starting for Brad. Today's his first day, and I'm wondering how it's going so far...almost feel like a parent!

We decided to take a trip to Cancun before classes began, and it was exactly what we needed. It was nice to get away. Our resort didn't have free WiFi, so I was not on the internet or my phone the entire time, and it was actually refreshing. We also got to experience the bus system in Mexico, and I must say, it kind of scared me. The driver would take off with me just barely on the first step in, and without closing the door behind me! You also had to wish that people were at the bus stop you wanted to get off at, because that's the only way the driver would stop! All in all, it was quite an experience!

While on our flight to Cancun, there was this young boy sitting next to me who really wanted to sit with his brother. Unfortunately, they were separated because of their seat assignments. So, he was a bit bummed, more so because he had nothing to do for the next couple of hours. Since I wasn't using my Nintendo DS, I thought I'd ask him if he wanted to play it:

Me: "I have a Nintendo DS, if you want to play with it?"
The boy: "Umm...let me ask my mom." He turns around to ask his mom who is seating behind him. "Mom, this girl next to me asked me if I wanted to play with her DS?"
The mom: "What did you say?"
The boy: "I said I'd ask you. Is it okay?"
The mom: "Yes, but be careful with it."
The boy spins around, and says, "Yeah, I can play with it."
So, I get it out of my backpack, and tell him, "So, the only cool game I have is Ninja Turtles, is that okay?"
The boy: "Yeah."
I hand it over, and he takes it, starts it up, and in less than 2 minutes, he gives it back to me!!! I was surprised!! Apparently, he rather just twiddle his thumbs, instead of playing my "cool" game! Ha!

It also wouldn't be a beach vacation without Brad getting sunburned:) This time he took his favorite sunblock, Bull Frog, in spray form, and it seems to work only on the areas you spray, no matter if you've tried rubbing it around the area. So, after a day out, his chest and back was full of white polka-dots! I have pics...BUT I can't do that to him! He was calling himself the Dalmatian! Of course, we had to venture out and find a higher SPF sunscreen - we ended up with 50!

Some exciting news while we were away was that, our new niece, Lily, was born on August 17th, and we're so excited about meeting her very soon. We now have seven August birthdays in the family! Good times - it'll just be one big party all month long:)

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