Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Riding Lawn Mower in Action

Since Brad's outside mowing the lawn, I'm finally able to grab hold of the main computer and download some pictures, and therefore, update this blog with them:) Ever since we moved into the house, Brad had been thinking about buying himself a lawn mower. After he sprained his foot a few weeks ago, we finally got serious about it, and went shopping for one. Here's Brad within in the first couple of minutes of getting to the store:

It arrived about a week later, and while I was out, Brad took it for a spin, so I missed the first pictures. But since he was mowing today, I thought you'd like to see him in action:

Obviously, he's pretty psyched about his new toy, although we've both decided he's going to need some practice on trying to prevent the cut grass from flying into our flower beds and covering up the mulch:


Chad and Kara said...

LOVE this. :) haha

Tell him he needs to mow with the "shooter" pointing away from the beds at least two passes..then he can switch if he needs to. ;)

The Keylors said...

Ha! I am sure he's loving it! Dasun would be jealous. ha! He's still push mowing. :)

Jessica said...

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